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As Boone & Crockett Professor and Fellows at Texas A&M University, we conduct research and provide leadership intended to facilitate sustainable environmental policy. We consider multiple spatial and temporal scales in our research, teaching and leadership activities; our projects range in scope from local to international. We have an active Theory to Practice Program that includes design and evaluation of best practices for conflict management and enhancing public participation in the development and implementation of environmental policy. Research topics include climate change, community-based conservation, energy, watershed management, and wildlife conservation.

The courses we teach focus on management and resolution of environmental conflict, enhancing public participation in natural resource policy development & implementation, and wildlife law & policy.

The Housing Bomb

Housing Bomb Cover

In The Housing Bomb, leading environmental researchers M. Nils Peterson, Tarla Rai Peterson and Jianguo "Jack" Liu, sound the alarm, explaining how and why the growing addiction to houses has taken the humble American dream and twisted it into an environmental and societal nightmare.